10 More Bizarre Special Edition Consoles
10 More Bizarre Special Edition Consoles

Ahh, the humble games console. A vital part of gaming, without which we’d
literally not be able to play such hits as Dad of War, Dead Red Revengeance, and Modernized
Warfighting. And yet, the machines themselves rarely get
a chance to shine, so when a console gets a special edition makeover, that can only
be a good thing, right? Well…mostly. Turns out, when everyone from games publishers
to technology companies and brands that have nothing to do with gaming whatsoever get involved,
your mileage may vary drastically. Some are understated and classy, others are
shamelessly brazen and bold… and some are just plain bizarre, as you’ll know if you
caught our first video on the topic. And if you did watch that – yes, we hear
you, we know the Atari Lynx was a technological marvel that simply had rotten luck with sales,
ok? Please stop throwing them through our windows,
we’ve learnt our lesson now! Which is why our second search for weird consoles
has a nice balance of good weird and bad weird, so everyone’s happy…we hope? Maybe? Well, let’s find out – I’m Ben from
Triple Jump, and here are 10 More Bizarre Special Edition Consoles. 10. Hitman’s Briefcase PS4 Portable gaming comes in many forms,from screens
poking out of strange places, to cramming multiple consoles into an actual car, and
of course, your typical, hi-tech handhelds (that definitely weren’t sub-par and anyone
who says that is clearly an uneducated fool!). But nothing screams important business-person
who strangles people with chicken wire quite like this snappy briefcase, which happens
to double up as a PS4 console. Finally, you can get some real work done during
those mandatory weekly meetings, while everyone else bickers about quarterly reports and John
from Accounts’ weird new barcode tattoo – has that always been there? This one-of-a-kind case was designed as a
replica of Agent 47’s very own hand luggage, and given away by Square Enix in a raffle,
to celebrate the release of 2016’s Hitman reboot. Also included was a controller inspired by
the cosplay killer’s trusty silver ballers, despite it not being very silver at all…and,
actually,come to think of it, this‘briefcase’didn’t show up in that year’s Hitman either! So a special edition based on a beloved item
famously absent from their latest game, might have been a 200 IQ troll from Squeenix, but
judging from what they did to John from Accounts, we don’t exactly want to argue with them… 9. Godzilla Xbox One X The Xbox One might have a name that makes
no sense, and look like a generic slab of plastic, but this big videogame block certainly
makes a great canvas for original designs. And to promote the cinema release of Godzilla:
King of Monsters in early 2019, Microsoft unleashed four custom Xboxes on the public,
dressed as everyone’s favourite city-smashing Kaijus. Much like the super-sized creatures, it’s
quite hard to ignore these beautiful beasties. We’ve got Rodan’s spikey fire-Box, channelling
his volcanic rage into equally volcanic rage-quits ; the ‘bioluminescent beauty’ of Mothra,
which hopefully won’t leave dust all over your controller ; There’s also the triple-headed
King Ghidorah, who probably has some really nasty arguments about which head gets to be
player one ; and of course, Godzilla himself, who caused that dreadful Mini-Zilla travesty
in 1998 and is now being punished, his soul trapped in a games console for eternity. Thankfully, they’re not to scale – we’re
not talking original Xbox sizes here – although they’d still be enough to send Tiny Peter
into hiding, so, maybe it’s best only four of these were made… 8. Sega Aiwa (eye-wah) Mega Drive CD Player Think of an appliance that would best represent
the achingly cool Mega Drive at the height of its power in the 90’s, and chances are,
a boom-box would be pretty high on the list. Enter the Japanese exclusive ‘Aiwa CSD-GM1’,
which combined phat (with a PH) beats with the sick speeds of the Mega Drive’s Blast
Processing – which was definitely not an overblown marketing term which was barely
used in the console, but anyway… While this hardware looks more like a dated
CD player your nan still keeps in the kitchen, than the bulky 80’s boom box that typically
comes to mind, back in 1994, this was the only way to play Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic
Youth from the same machine. Featuring a standard sound system, with a
detachable console unit base, this bad boy can play Mega Drive cartridges, Mega CD games,
non-mega audio CDs, Cassette tapes, FM and AM radio stations, and even has a karaoke
mode, which we hope means it plays every song off-key and without half the words. Honestly, this couldn’t be any more 90’s
if it ejected Pogs featuring Fresh Prince and Buffy designs…and we love it. 7. ElectroPlankton’s Holey Nintendo DS No, we don’t mean the DS that Jesus played
while in the crucifixion waiting room. We mean, a DS with actual Holes drilled into
it. This draughty DS came from Japanese artist
and musician, Toshio Iwai, who created the 2005 music-maker, ElectroPlankton. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar – neither
were we, in fact you’re more likely to recognise this game from the greenscreen meme stage,
Hannenbow, from Smash Brothers Brawl and Ultimate. ElectroPlankton wasn’t a game, so much as
it was a kind of musical instrument, letting the player use the touch screen to interact
with plankton, to create melodic symphonies and soundscapes. It’s all very clever, probably too high-brow
to be blasted out of your average Sega Aiwa Boombox – for it’s launch, Nintendo even
held an exhibit in Japan showing not just the game, but various art installations from
Toshio Iwai. And one of the ‘Arts’ was this distinctive,
swiss cheese handheld. However, since Toshio did this to his own
personal DS, no others were made available, so if you fancied a more well-ventilated handheld,
well, you’d better get practicing your power drill skills… 6. Hannah Montana Lilac Edition PSP Oh come on, there’s no way we can’t include
this special PSP-3000 in Lilac Purple, bundled with 2009’s Hannah Montana: Rock Out the
Show, especially given the mountains of Miley-themed tat you lovely people sent us last year. Frankly, We Can’t Stop – we have an obsession
that Can’t Be Tamed, and When I Look At You, Hannah Montana PSP bundle, it’s like
we’ve been hit by The Climb – sorry, Wrecking Ball, like we’ve been hit by a- you know,
like the song – err, anyway… Miley’s rockstar alter ego, Hannah Montana,
influenced a wave of stellar game releases, such as Hannah Montana DS, Spotlight World
Tour, Music Jam, and the aforementioned PSP masterpiece, Rock Out The Show. And with this unstoppable hit factory, it
made sense for the greatest videogame character of all time, to be bundled with the greatest
handheld of all time! Alright, we’re being a tad facetious, but
we do love the PSP – it was a wonderful piece of kit that sony couldn’t quite work
out if they wanted to support week-to-week, and this PSP-3000 run had a range of other
colours, from Vibrant Blue to Radiant Red. Just a shame they went with the lazy approach
of marketing to teen girls who don’t like anything that’s not pink or purple… science. Yeah, it probly coulda been a lot better special
edition… 5. Maziora Dreamcast This is exactly what happens when someone
asks what colour you want your Dreamcast to be, and you reply with: ‘Yes’. Not that that’s a bad thing, because with
the Maziora Dreamcast, you get ALL the colours! Aquamarine? Violet? Sea-green? Yes, Yes, and Yes! That’s some real value for money… This mesmerising console was released in Japan
only, because they always get the cool wacky stuff, and was produced in partnership with
Maziora, the brand of funky pearlescent paint that makes this Neon witchcraft possible. 500 units were created, 200 of which were
signed by Tadahiko Taira, a Japanese motorcyclist from the late 80’s and early 90’s, in
case the paintjob wasn’t quite epic enough for you. Aside from being an absolute looker, the Limited
Maziora Edition Dreamcast also came packaged with a similarly treated controller, a ‘Dream
Passport CD’, and helmet keychain, all for a reasonable 39,000 Yen, or around $360. But to be honest, just the console would be
enough for us. Finally, a chance to impress on the fiercely
competitive underground Custom Console scene. 4. Final Fantasy XV, Xbox One For one of the longest running, most beloved
franchises of all time (aside from Hannah Montana, obviously), it’s no surprise there
are plenty of Final Fantasy custom consoles out there in the wild; from the sleek silver
of the Final Fantasy VII PSP – again, it’s no Lilac Purple but it’s not too shabby
– to the PS2 Slim subtly branded with Final Fantasy 12 markings, and of course, the latest
iteration is no different. The PS4 Pro Deluxe console is a thing of beauty,
a real classy number that could easily be mistaken for a framed print or a collector’s
vinyl. But we can only assume Microsoft managed to
offend someone very important at Square Enix, or vice versa, because the Xbox One version
is an unrelenting assault on the eyes. It’s certainly distinct, and we’re sure
there’s a few of you that will find this quite appealing, if only for the novelty value,
but we can’t help but feel this was about 3 different designs fused into one, like a
lab experiment gone wrong. Just one of these consoles was given away
as a competition prize in 2016 for Final Fantasy XV’s release, so we hope at least that the
winner was happy. 3. Sony PSX DESR Not to be confused with the Playstation Experience
event, or the codename for the Playstation 1, or even ‘PlayStation’, if you wanna
get serious about this, the PSX-DESR was a DVR in a PS2– or, if that sounds like far
too many acronyms, this was Sony’s attempt to have a video game console tape all your
favourite telly programs from the early 2000’s, like Friends, or Get Your Own Back. The PSX released in 2003, for Japanese audiences
only (of course), and took some design cues from the Panasonic Q, aka the lovely Nintendo
Hi-Fi-Cube, styling itself as a slick, multi-media entertainment system! Back when Digital Video Recorders like TiVo
were a new concept, this clever little box of tricks could’ve been the future, offering
internal memory, a remote control, functionality with PSPs, and even software for video, image
and audio editing. Unfortunately, it was hamstrung by the age-old
foe of weird gaming hardware – Dangerously High Costs! The launch price of 80,000 Yen, or around
$730, was a cost even the PS3 would scoff at, and combined with a lack of clear Playstation
branding, this ended up as just another casualty of Sony’s mishandled marketing. 2. Hello Kitty Xbox The mere existence of this Hello Kitty Xbox
proves the overly-friendly feline will stop at NOTHING in her quest for complete world
domination! This 2005 collector’s pack was a Singapore
exclusive, where the Greetings Cat was hugely popular at the time, and also came with a
copy of Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue, which is surprisingly Not Terrible, at least according
to Metacritic. Unlike other entries we’ve seen, this had
a generous production run of 550 models, but the bad news is, you had to buy a TV worth
around $5000 in order to bag one. We’d love to think this cutesy console would’ve
had a calming effect and prevented players from screaming down the mic at “Effing Noobs”
in every Halo lobby, but honestly, we’re not convinced. On the plus side, researching Hello Kitty
has taught us that this anthropomorphic cat is actually a 3rd grade student who lives
outside London, which is knowledge we needed to share with you. 1. Divers 2000 CX-1 Dreamcast My word, it’s…it’s… hideous, yet simultaneously,
the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen… How is this even possible? Ladies and Gentlemen: The Divers 2000 CX-1
Dreamcast might just be Sega’s peak final form, taking their technically astounding,
but criminally overlooked last console, and turning it into something impossible to ignore. Technically, this is a Fuji CRT Television
fused with a Dreamcast, but in reality, it’s so much more. It’s like an iMac designed by the residents
of Space Channel 5. It’s like a PuyoPuyo absorbed a Sonic head. It’s like something Seaman would’ve worn
on its head to breathe, back when it was just ‘Man-Man’ (OR WOMAN-WOMAN!) …
It’s like all of Sega’s bizarre back catalogue rolled into one, and unlike anything ever
before seen… This Fever-Dreamcast landed on this planet
in the year 2000, and was only available in Japan, because OF COURSE IT WAS! The TV-console combo also had a haul of accessories,
including the Dreamcast camera, special controller, keyboard, remote control, and LED side lights
that even flash in time with certain games, just look at that, THAT’S BRILLIANT! Sadly, but inevitably, this glorious Diving
Helmet ended up sinking, thanks to a limited run of fewer than a thousand units, along
with costing FOUR TIMES the Dreamcast’s 199-dollar price tag, but at least we’ll
always have the memories. And there we are, some real weird game boxes
in there, but we know there’s an almost infinite number of strange consoles out there,
so let us know some of your favourites in the comments below. You can follow myself and TripleJump on Twitter
here, and while you’re at it, why not support the things you enjoy by having a look at our
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