10 Electric Cars for 2019 and Beyond
10 Electric Cars for 2019 and Beyond

– [Glenn] Are electric cars
still the wave of the future? Car makers seem to think so. From retro to futuristic, electric cars are coming out in droves. This is Glenn and today
we are bringing you 10 electric vehicles for 2019 and beyond. – [Woman] Number 10. – [Glenn] Aiming to rival
Bentley and Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin is relaunching
the Lagonda Brand and it will fully embrace
modern technology and efficiency of the electric
car design with a quiet zero emission drive train. Launched is a level four
full-autonomy vehicle with self-driving technology
built into the architecture of the car, the Saloon will
be the first of two Lagonda models that are inspired
by the vision concept to hit the market in 2021. This will have batteries that
are mounted into the floor, two electric motors driving
all four wheels, two front seats that can spin around
to face the rear, plenty of leg room for passengers
in the back and a range of 400 miles, with a full
wireless recharge of the batteries in 15 minutes. It is estimated that the
Lagonda Vision concept is 70 to 80% of what the final
car could include, with all the parts being viable for production. – [Woman] Number nine. – [Glenn] Looking close to
the EQ concept, Mercedes is launching the EQC all
electric sub brand that will include two electric motors
that put out 408 horsepower, and four wheel drive for
a range of 280 miles, and a top speed of 111 miles per hour. The front motor will have
the most efficiency while the rear motor is optimized
for better takeoff speed. This was also fitted with a
7.4 kilowatt onboard water cooled charger and will do
from zero to 62 miles per hour in 5.1 seconds. The blue LED headlights
with a black background and blue lettering make this
instantly recognizable as an EQ model. The rearend has a full length
lightbar that wraps around the back of the car. Keeping a low center of gravity
with improve crash safety, the 80 kilowatt hour
lithium ion battery weighs just over 1400 pounds. With a release date of early
2019, this will have a price of around $71,400. – [Woman] Number eight. – [Glenn] The Neo is a
China based startup led by CEO William Lee that has
raised over $1 billion in funding thanks to tech
giant Tencent, and had help from all over the world
including California and Europe. The Neo ES8 is an all wheel
drive electric vehicle that has two 240 kilowatt motors
and gets a range of up to 310 miles at 37 miles
per hour, will go from zero to 62 miles per hour in
4.4 seconds, and has a top speed of 111 miles per hour. This is the product of
three years of designing an electric SUV and even includes
an artificial intelligence driven personal assistant
that learns your preferences. The ES8 will have battery
swapping for the 70 kilowatt hour liquid cooled battery,
and Neo says they’ll build a network of 1,100 fast charging
stations in China by 2020. The price of these will
start out at $68,000. – [Woman] Number seven. – [Glenn] Porsche debuted
it’s all electric Mission E sedan concept two years
ago, later promising it’d go into production as the
Taycan, which is slightly different from the concept. The concept all electric
drive train consists of two magnet synchronous motors at
each axle, with a combined output of more than 600
horsepower, the concept hit 60 miles per hour
in 3.5 seconds, and 124 miles per hour in 12 seconds. The Taycan will be offered
with a choice of lithium ion battery packs, one offering
around 80 kilowatt hours and another offering 95 kilowatt
hours, and will initially be offered with three power
outputs, 402 horsepower, 536 horsepower, and 670 horsepower. Just like a Tesla, the Taycan
will likely get four wheel steering and torque
vectoring as well, with production starting sometime
before the end of 2019 as a 2020 model year car. Porsche will offer different
variants of the Taycan with a base price of $75,000. – [Woman] Number six. – [Glenn] The Croatian brand
Rimac first made a splash back in 2013 when it released
its very first production vehicle, the Concept One. And by 2014, all eight units
of the limited production run were sold. Rimac has now come out
with a Concept Two, an all electric two seat supercar
that can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in 18.5 seconds,
zero to 100 in 4.3 seconds, and has a time of 9.1
seconds in a quarter mile. And with 1,914 horsepower,
this has a top speed of 258 miles per hour. Four independent permanent
magnet electric motors, four wheel drive with softwork
controlled torque vectoring, and the brakes can recover
power back into the lithium manganese nickel battery,
which scores a 403 mile range on the NEDC test and takes
30 minutes to store 80% range using a fast charger. Start of production should
be in 2020 with a limited run of 150 units. – [Woman] Number five. – [Glenn] Starting in
December the new Jaguar I-PACE Championship is joining with
the FIA Formula E series for a new race that will
happen on the streets of some of the biggest cities
in the world including New York and Paris. Investing a small fortune,
Jaguar aims to maintain momentum from bringing its
I-PACE car to showrooms. The racecar has a roll cage,
racing pedals, race seat, a Cosworth digital display,
a panel of switch gear with buttons for the transmission,
and a racing steering wheel that controls settings
for the power train’s torque maps, energy
recuperation, and the racing anti-lock brakes. This racecar has a 90
kilowatt lithium ion battery, gets 395 horsepower, and
513 foot pound of torque. It can go from zero to 62
miles per hour in 4.5 seconds, and has a max speed of 121 miles per hour. Teams that want to participate
must have a driver that has an international C circuit
race license and you need to purchase a $530,000
arrive and drive package. – [Woman] Number four. – [Glenn] Having just secured
a $1 billion investment, Lucid Motors is teaming up
with Volkswagen’s electric charging company Electrify
America, which hopes to have 2,000 chargers installed
on 484 sites in the US by the end of 2019 to produce
its first electric vehicle, the Lucid Air. The company claims that with
unique lithium ion battery chemistry in cells developed
with LG Kim and Samsung SDI, will exceed current
benchmarks in power, battery life, and energy density including
tolerance of D/C fast charging. The Air’s top model, with all
wheel drive and dual motors putting out 1,000 horsepower
is expected to go from zero to 60 miles per hour in
2.5 seconds, have a top range of 400 miles and get a top
speed of 235 miles per hour. In 2020 Lucid will start with
a rear wheel drive model that has 400 horsepower and a
range of 240 miles, priced at $60,000 in the United States. – [Woman] Number three. – [Glenn] Kalashnikov,
the producer of the AK-47 assault rifle, unveiled
their entry into the electric car market at the army 2018,
an international trade fair. The CV1 has a retro look and
the body is modeled after the 2125 Combi. The Russian company says
their vehicle has complex systems and a revolutionary
inverter, and will have technology that will compare
with other electric car producers like Tesla. The CV1 will have a drive
train with a 90 kilowatt hour battery that gets 680
horsepower, does zero to 62 miles per hour in about
six seconds and has a range of 217 miles. The concept has a charging
port in the rear between the tail lights, nice performance
tires with multi-spoked wheels and a flat-nosed
grill, featuring stacked LED lights. No price or production
date of this vehicle is known at this time. – [Woman] Number two. – [Glenn] Another retro style
vehicle, the Honda Urban EV Concept will be
available for order early next year ahead of a full
production run starting in 2019. Honda’s first electric car
for Europe, this will be built on a new electronic platform
that will set the direction for the technology and
design of their future EV’s. No power train or range
details were given at launch, but Honda says that the car
would include integrated heat management and energy
transfer functions, a high density lightweight battery
pack, and a source at Honda suggested a short to middle
range of 155 miles is expected. This is likely to have a
standard cabin with five seats, a simplistic design with
significant glass areas, regular doors and a set
of wing mirrors making it to production. While it’s too early for
pricing, Honda has said the car will not be cheap,
and they would position it as a premium model. – [Woman] Number one. – [Glenn] Jaguar Land
Rover Classic announced the production of electric
powered Classic E-Type Jaguars and the provision of electric
power conversion services for existing Jaguar E-Types. The entire battery pack and
drive train swaps in and out in place of the
original six cylinder engine and gear box, and has the
same size, weight and location ensuring the weight
distribution is identical. The concept will have a
digital instrument cluster and central touch screen with
a more traditional cabin, a 40 kilowatt hour battery
pack, and with the 295 horsepower motor the car
will go from zero to 60 in less than seven seconds
with a range of between 125 and 200 miles. Jaguar Classic will either
convert an existing E-Type or source a donor vehicle
that can then be rebuilt to the new owner’s
specification, which will cost around the $500,000 that
are charged for one of the factory restored E-Types. Deliveries of the first
E-Type vehicles are expected to start from summer 2020. – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments
below what you found to be the most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done
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all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching,
I’ll see you guys next time. (calming music)

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    There needs to be a specialist EV Motor manufacturer that can get the costs down by selling a small range of standardised motors to a large number of manufacturers, a separate manufacturer that specialises in modular battery and charging systems, and someone making LPG powered range-extenders.

    Traditional car makers can then add other features to make their offerings unique, and attractive to different market sectors, but high volume sales are the key to reducing drive-train costs.

    The ability to inter-change standard parts (steering, suspension, braking, bodywork, lighting, interior, etc.) with non-EV models would be a massive advantage – as would the possibility to swap-out motors and battery modules as technology advances (what happened to the carbon nano-tech battery?)

    Even charging cables are stupidly expensive and have compatibility issues – what's wrong with using standard low-cost plugs and sockets that RV's and Caravan/Campers have been using for decades?

    To create the perfect EV world, it would be fairly easy to manufacture a small 1 or 2 vehicle charging station that could be bolted-on to existing street lights, without expensive upgrades to the mains wiring – especially now that high-wattage street lamps are being swapped for low-power LED lamps.

    The perfect car for me, would be somewhere between a VW Golf and a Mercedes A Class, with enough battery capacity to cover 2 or 3 days of average commute (about 80-100 miles at a top speed of 40mph), and maybe 1 day's worth of motorway driving at a top speed of 70mph.

    Personally, I don't have half a million to spend on a quirky car that's probably going to be obsolete in a couple of years, but good luck to those that do.

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    I run an electric bike which is solar powered, but though I get eight hours of sunshine most days, I need two sets of batteries so I can use one and charge the other while the sun shines. You'd never run a car off solar, so you're stuck with old, harmful technology.
    If you were moving large numbers of passengers, bus or train, electric vehicles would make slightly more sense — but we no longer seem capable of organising public transport successfully.

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    I'm poor. I sold my third-hand 12 year-old 1 litre petrol-engined Nissan Micra hatchback in 2012 because I couldn't afford to run it. I loved it: it was reliable, comfortable, slow, simple, and manual-everything. I now ride my even older bicycle, worth about £10. I live in England, where it's usually cold and raining. Cycling is miserable when it's a necessity.

    If I had the money, I could buy a used petrol car – now, today – for £250. It wouldn't be pretty, but it would provide reasonable transport for as long as I could afford to keep putting fuel in the tank. Cheap transport. Yay. There's no EV equivalent. Show me a used electric car for £250!

    I want a new electric car costing ten-times as much – £2,500 – but with: no more than 50 horsepower; 150 mile range; seating for 2 + some groceries; a 0-60 time of 15 seconds; a top speed of 65 mph; no fancy styling; no plush carpets; no parking sensors; no heated seats; no central locking; no cameras, no alarm; no heads-up display; no electric door mirrors; no 'smart' lane guidance or sat nav; no giant touch-screens; no autonomy; no wi-fi or bluetooth; no electric seat adjustment, door closing, pedal adjustment, or steering wheel adjustment; and no choice of colour. I don't care about crash-safety rating figures, because my bike has a rating of 0.00. As I'm used to near-death experiences, I'll gladly take my chances in a cheap sardine tin. So, western manufacturers: make it happen. And MAKE IT HAPPEN BEFORE CHINA DOES.

    But you won't, will you. Old Henry Ford might have given it a try, but nowadays there's no profit to be made from scum like me unless you sell EVs in vast numbers… And why bother building 1,000,000 cheap cars for plebs when you can sell far fewer nice ones to proper people (with £1,000 i-Phones) for £80,000+ each…

    And you're too late, anyway. You can buy something with similar low specs in China, now. Not 'chic', but cheap. The smallest electric cars cost under £1,000 in China. Yes, they're not fast or cool or chic or plush, but they're adequate. After a few years of ruthless competition they'll probably be tolerably good. But, importantly, they'll still only cost £1,000, because that's what a lot of people want. Cheap, practical electric vehicles.

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    Looking forward to the NIO. Very impressive.

  98. R.C. PRODUCTIONS says:

    How about we start seeing more conversion shops opening up rather than having to spend our life savings on depreciating electric cars as they get older. I'd rather convert my current gasser to electric. Not saying that these cars aren't cool. But I don't think car companies should be cashing in on global warming.

  99. Dianne McCarthy says:

    next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year…. next year….

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