🏝️Catalina Island things to do + Photowalk🏝️
🏝️Catalina Island things to do + Photowalk🏝️

(melodious instrumental music) – We’re back on the island,
the island of Catalina, the city of Avalon. It’s Photowalk time. Come on. Perhaps you’re new to the island by way of Apple’s macOS Catalina software named after the beloved Southern
California getaway spot. Now we share Apple’s
enthusiasm for the island and we would love to show you
the photographic highlights. Woo-hoo. So I’m Jefferson Graham. I’m a lifelong photographer,
writer and video maker. The goal of the Photowalks channel is to bring you to great places
like this and show you how, when and where to get great shots. On this island, it’s all
about killer sunrises, and maybe killer sunsets, maybe. Stay tuned, I’ll tell you more. – We are a very unique place. We’re so close from the
mainland, but we’re so far apart, as far as the uniqueness of Catalina. – [Jefferson] Island life. – Island life, island style, island time. – So the island is home
to about 4400 residents and a whole lot of
tourists from over there, the mainland, as in the LA area. So our Photowalk is going to take you from one end of town to the
other, down Crescent Avenue, about two miles down
to that iconic casino, that is the symbol of Catalina Island. You know, this one, right? – No traffic, no sirens. My kids can walk to and from school and I’m not worried about
somebody snatching them because everybody knows them. – [Jefferson] Catalina’s modern
history goes back to 1919 when William Wrigley
Jr., of chewing gum fame, bought the island and began developing it as a playground for
Hollywood in Los Angeles. Today, most of the commercial
activities on the island are still controlled by the Wrigleys. The family’s Catalina Island Company owns most of the top
restaurants and hotels. And in the 1970s, the Wrigleys
deeded 88% of the land to a nonprofit called
the Catalina Conservancy, which is where you turn to for biking and hiking
permits, and the like. It’s also where you must
turn to for approval to fly your drone on the island. To get to the island, most people travel by
boat from the mainland, a short one-hour cruise As always, be sure to check
out our Photowalks blog, blog.jeffersongraham.net for
complete mapping information. As we headed into town, we’ll see a main street
known for restaurants, clothing shops and places that would love to sell you trinkets. Add some really cute side
streets with beach cottages, the obligatory buffalo shot,
boating and fishing motif, and you’ve got Avalon. Plus, add some back
country scenery as well, which we’ll pick up later when we explore the other of the island. The walk from one end to the
other is about two miles. The fun is getting off the
beaten path on hikes up the hill, or just relaxing by the beach. The big news in Catalina of late has been the arrival of a
full service supermarket after all these years, and Apple giving the island
its closeup on macOS. – Wow. Millions of people are
going to see Catalina and a great picture of Catalina, so wow. We’re excited. We think we’re going to
be raised a lot higher up on the PR level. The visibility of people
wanting to come to Catalina all across United States
and maybe the world. (melodious instrumental music) – The casino was the jewel
of Catalina circa 1929, an Art Deco masterpiece in
the Glamor Era of Hollywood. If you want to photograph
it, you have two choices. Go see a movie or fork
over around $20 for a tour. You’ll have more time to explore and also get to see the
ballroom, if you do that tour. There’s two definitive shots of Avalon, overview, the boats in the Harbor, everything looking really cool. One of them is right up this hill. It’s worth the effort, it’s not that bad. Come on, let’s go. Here we go. To get that first view shot, walk up the hill and follow the curve, and you will end up on Chimes Tower Road. Just a little bit North
of the Chimes Tower, and look back down towards the water and you will get that
killer shot of the harbor. The other great overview
shot is at the inn at Mt. Ada of the old William Wrigley mansion on the other side of town. We will get there at the
end of this Photowalk to watch the day turn to night. It’s not exactly a sunset. – In Avalon, there is no
place to watch a sunset because we’re on the
East side of the island, and the sun obviously sets on the West. – But a morning sunrise on Avalon, that we can handle right on
the beach in front of the dock. You know, my favorite part about Catalina and it’s really big, is to be here when the
cruise ships are not here and to not be here on the weekend. I love the mornings. I love the quiet of the island that you only gonna get on a Tuesday, and Wednesday and Thursday. It’s pretty magical time. Wow. After the sunrise, visitors to the island have been known to rent golf carts to get around. – It gives you the flexibility that you can do the tour on your own. We call it a freestyle
touring because you can stop, you can take pictures. It gives you a lot of
flexibility to enjoy the island. – [Jefferson] Okay, and
how much do they cost? – $50 an hour for a four passenger, or $70 an hour for a six passenger. – [Jefferson] Let’s take a ride. You know everybody here, right? – [Conrado] Everybody knows everybody. – [Jefferson] That’s good and bad, right? – [Conrado] You got that right. – [Jefferson] How often
does ice cream come in? – [Conrado] We have ice
cream come in twice a week. – [Jefferson] Twice a week. – [Conrado] Mm-hmm. – [Jefferson] Do you ever run out? – [Conrado] Nope. Nope, we always have enough ice cream. – [Jefferson] How many
cones do you sell a day? – [Conrado] Well, on a busy day, 1,500. – [Jefferson] 1,500 cones? Wow. – Summer time, on a busy day like July 4th we can have 10,000 to 12,000 people here. Very different. Throughout the summer, we probably have an average 4,000 to 5,000 just visitors every day. – We have 42,000 acres of open space and for people to explore, as well as 200 miles of roads and trails. So we have hiking, we
have mountain biking. There are all sorts of
activities that you can do here as you explore the nature. And you might even catch a
glimpse of an endemic species, like the Catalina Island fox, or one of our visitors, like the bison. – And now for part two, as I
promised, the back country. My new friend Kristin, we’re
going up the Ballast Point, which she says is, I’m gonna come right over here, tell us about Ballast Point. – The absolute best place to
watch the sunset on Catalina. – [Jefferson] Okay, let’s find out. Tell everybody the magic
of this side of the island, because most people just go to Avalon. – Yeah, I’d say most people go to Avalon and what people equate
to as Catalina Island. But Two Harbors, it’s
rustic, it’s peaceful. One bar, one restaurant, one hotel. We’re standing on top of
Ballast Point right now. If you kind of look around, you feel like you’re on top of the world and that there’s no
place else you could be. I mean, you have the beautiful
coastline down there. You see Two Harbors down
there and Cat Harbor. You really feel like you’re
kind of at the end here. Ooh. We’re gonna watch the most
amazing sunset, I hope. (melodious instrumental music) – [Jefferson] If you’re
gonna walk in Two Harbors. – [Kristin] It’s absolutely
doable from Two Harbors. You could either walk along the road, kind of the same road that we drove up on, or you could hike up
from lower Ballast Point, and it’s got a pretty good incline. So if you want to work out, absolutely. – [Jefferson] How long? An hour, two hours? – Oh, gosh, less than that, absolutely. – My favorite hike on the
island is to Ben Weston Beach. So it’s just a mile, and
you go and you hike in. And I have never been on that
beach with another person because it’s just so isolated, but an easy, just about a mile hike, and really beautiful photos and nature. So we came to Airport in the Sky because it has incredible views. Here, you get a really
nice view of the vistas and sometimes you can even see bison. The airport officially
opened to the general public in October of 1959. The airport does get a lot of visitors. I think just because
it’s such a unique place and it’s really cool to see the airplanes landing and taking off. We actually have a few shuttles
that go to the airport. The Wildlands Express goes to the airport, and it’s a popular spot on our naturalist led eco tours as well. – Okay, so photo tips. Photographically, you’re not
going to see the wildlife until you go into the interior. So the shots that I got of the bison could only happen once you
leave the town of Avalon because you’re not going to
see them walking through. The first thing, of course, I always say anywhere is be there early. Figure out the best time to shoot. Here, that would be first
thing in the morning and right an hour before
sunset, as with anywhere else. In a coastal environment,
it really makes a big deal. So your lighting on, you don’t want to do portraits
in the middle of the day because they look terrible. Positioning, so timing and positioning, you wanna know where to stand
to get that overview shot. I did it by the clock tower to get one side of the
island and by inn at Mt. Ada to get the other side of the harbor, and the boats and the casino. A lot of it is positioning. A lot of it is lighting, and just knowing when to be there and to do experiments with your lighting. Shoot, undershoot, overshoot. Normally, most of the time I
find the LCD is lying to me, so it tells me the perfect exposure and I’ll increase it by one, or all decreases by one
because they’re not right. Automatic is not right. Manual is right and your eye is right. The great thing about digital is it costs you nothing to experiment. (melodious instrumental music) – My favorite is being on
the balcony at Mt. Ada. I have thousands of pictures
on my phone of that. Just be able to see the entire
valley, like all the shops, and you can see everyone walking around and just enjoying the atmosphere here, and it’s quiet and peaceful up there, so you’re just able to live in the moment. – So it’s about a half
hour climb up that way. If you’re not in the mood, you could always take a
cab or rent a golf cart. (melodious instrumental music) Island time has come to an end. It’s time to say goodbye
from the island of Catalina. If you enjoyed this
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up, all would be great. Questions about today’s Photowalk, any of the photo stuff we talked about, hit me up in the Comments directly below. Look for me on Twitter, Instagram, where I am @jeffersongraham. And, stay tuned for more Photowalk videos. We get around. We recently went to the
island of Oahu in Hawaii. And who knows where we’ll be next. You’ll have to come back for
more Photowalk adventures. Until then, I’ll see you
on the next Photowalk. Oh, I’m at 2% battery. That’s pretty cool, huh? (melodious instrumental music)

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