– Good morning guys. It’s 5:30 A.M. Everyone’s getting
up, getting showered. Sierra’s getting some breakfast. A little oatmeal
for our little Sniper. Tiffany’s making
some sandwiches. – [Tiffany] PB and J.
– PB and J. Bryce is just
getting out of the shower and I’m still getting
the crusties out of my eyes. (bass notes) Oh and just like that
Mommy’s got the braids rocking. – [Tiffany] My hands were numb. – [Clintus] It’s
is cold out here. – [Tiffany] Oh, that’s cute but
I don’t know if it’ll fit. Does it really?
– [Clintus] Barely. – [Tiffany] Look at!
– [Clintus] Her big melon. – [Tiffany] Smart pants. I was like I don’t
know how we’re gonna use our ribbon
with all the braids. – [Clintus] Staying warm, bro?
– Yeah. – [Clintus] Trying to. Nice.
– [Man] Nice save. Nice, Sierra. Woo! Nice! (girls yelling) Oh! In or out? Alright so the
first match is over. They won the first
two games so that’s it. Now we’re chillin’. Girls will be
going in to ref next and then after
they reffed we play. So two more matches. (children playing) – That’s what I was saying. – [Tiffany] Yes.
– [Clintus] Nice. Nice Sierra. (crowd cheers) Nice! Boom! In the face, oh. Nice!
(crowd cheers) Good serve, good serve. Good serve. Get over! Woo! Oh yeah! Nice!
(crowd applause) Nice. Nice. Good job, Sierra! (crowd cheers) Woo! Over. – [Jack] There you go, 1-5. (crowd cheers) – [Clintus] Oh yeah. Nice. Oh. Nice, Sierra. Woo! Great serve. Boom. There you go.
There you go. It’s coming back. (Clintus groans) Game point. Wow.
(crowd cheers) And the Snipers go undefeated. Not losing one set
all day in three matches. So we’re back home now after a great
dinner at Rio Mirage Cafe. Had some Mexican food post volleyball tournament. And this little girl
played her heart out. I told her, I don’t how
many times I’ve told her I’m so proud of her ’cause she
looks so good, so amazing. Such an improvement
from last year. That’s just what happens. That just goes to show you
hard work, determination, lots of practice,
lots of practice. She crushes it now and she’s just
all over the court. Setting it,
hitting it, passing it. I love it. How you feel? – Good.
– Yeah? – I need to have
stronger sets like use my legs. Right now, when I sit outside, my twos are fine
but when I set outside I only use my arms.
It doesn’t go far enough or not high enough
and then when I do a C I’m not using my legs I’m just using my back
and arching it to set back instead of using my legs too.
– Hmmm. Practice makes perfect.
– And my hits always go out.
– Hmmm. – I tried, like I do snap but like my coach says, Coach Taylor
always tells me to snap which I do when I’m
done I see my wrist like this like I snap but I don’t
follow all the way through it doesn’t go all the way down. I go like this and it’s not
like it goes up in the air but it goes out like that so it
still goes down but out. To not straight
down to the court. – Gotcha. Well, you’re self-aware you
know what you need to work on. – Mhmmm.
– So get to it. Speaking of getting back to it. The girls are already
back outside hitting the ball in the wind, cold wind. It’s oh so cold today, guys. Well guys, we were chillin’ hanging out everyone’s
kind of doing their own thing. Have a low key evening and
then at the last minute we got an invite to meet up with
Jack, Chrissy, Matt and Carly for Chrissy’s birthday. Tomorrow’s Chrissy’s birthday and so Jack was
giving her crap like, “Hey, it’s your birthday.
Why aren’t we doing something?” And so they were out and about and so we ended up, decided to
meet up at Dave and Busters. We gonna meet
at Dave and Busters have a few drinks have
some dinner, play some games. Want to be in the vlog? – Let me do you.
Can I do you? – Alright so Chrissy’s birthday. She wanted us to dance
for her for her birthday. She loved our Just Dance video
so we’re gonna do it here. Alright, I got an A.
– He did good. – I got an A but she wants to
challenge me to Just Dance in the new house.
– Yes. – When we get to the new house, we’ll get it all set
up on the bottom floor. Actually, it’d be the upstairs. It’d be upstairs.
– Okay. – We’ll do it.
– That works. – We’ll make it happen. – [Clintus] Rigged. What’d you guys get? – Cotton candy with sprinkles. – [Clintus] Cotton
candy with sprinkles. Bryce? – Oreo (mumbles) with fudge. – Do I have stuff everywhere? – [Clintus] Wouldn’t
be your birthday without some cake and ice cream, huh? – It’s birthday cake ice cream. – [Clintus] Birthday
cake ice cream, there you go. Mason, you got the same thing? Yeah. And that’s it. That’s our Saturday.
Hope you enjoyed it. Little bit of this,
little bit of that. Little bit of all that. Thanks for watching. Thumbs up if you liked it. We’ll see you guys
tomorrow as cross my fingers I pack up my dirt
bike and head to the track. Vlog on. – Don’t forget,
vlog on guys. Peace. (upbeat music)

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