🏐 First Club Volleyball Practice! (Day 2054) | Clintus.tv
🏐 First Club Volleyball Practice! (Day 2054) | Clintus.tv

(bass notes) – Hey guys, so today’s
video’s an exciting one because we’re gonna be in
the kitchen with Tiffany cooking up some exciting,
new meals, courtesy of Hello Fresh. They’re
sponsoring today’s video and we just got
our box delivered to us so we’re gonna unbox
it together with you guys and we’re gonna pick
out a meal. Sound good? – Yep. – Alright. Click the
link in the description, check out all the meal
plans and use promo code CLINTUS30 to save
$30 off your first box. Alright so here we go,
we’ve got the box, we got a Hello Fresh
apron, which I think I’m gonna put that on,
I’m gonna wear that. And then we’ve got
our meals, our recipes. So we’ve got Winner
Winner Chicken Orzo Dinner, we’ve got
Barbecue Pork Meatloaves, and we got Wonder-ful
Italian Cheeseburgers. What do you think?
I think Bryce would probably go for the cheeseburgers. – [Tiffany] Yep. – [Clintus] I think we’ll
go for the cheeseburgers, alright so we’re
gonna go with this one. And right there,
every recipe is broken down, 6 easy steps with
photos, tells you exactly what you need,
all the ingredients. Look at that even a
wine pairing, aw, so cute. And each box is gonna
come with all the ingredients we need for the meals,
look at this it’s all labeled. Alright you
guys ready to cook? – [All] Yeah. – [Clintus] Alright,
let’s do this. So we’ve got the ground
beef, we’ve got spring mix, we’ve got our buns, we’ve got
our onions, and our tomato. Balsamic. – For the salad. – [Bryce] We’re gonna
have four burgers, right? – [Clintus] Mhmm.
Isn’t that cool? Yeah. Like we have a
whole meal with everything. – [Clintus] Mhmm.
Makes it really easy ’cause then you just like… – And it has
the instructions too – [Clintus] Yep.
Hey yeah, do you think Bryce could you follow these
instructions and make dinner? (laughter) – Maybe. (upbeat music) – [Tiffany] What’s that? – Balsamic vinegar, my favorite. Should be two
tablespoons exactly. Yep, this bottle’s
two tablespoons exactly. See it’s exactly
measured properly, I didn’t even have to measure it If I knew that, I knew that. – [Tiffany] My mouth’s
starting to water. I know, I’m so excited. – [Bryce] My mouth’s
already watering. – Your mouth’s already watering? When I saw that
picture it was watering. – Burgers? Yes please. When was the last time
you guys made burger patties? Been awhile huh? – [Both] Yeah. – [Clintus] Papa
usually does it for you. (upbeat music) Alright guys,
only thing left to do is enjoy this amazing meal.
It smells good, looks good,
everyone’s mouths are watering. Big shout out to
Hello Fresh for sponsoring this video and this meal. [Clintus Narration]
Customizable meal plans to fit you and
your family’s needs. Click the link in
the description below and again use promo
code CLINTUS30 to save $30 off your first box. Alright guys, we’re
wrapped up with dinner and it’s time for Sierra’s
first club volleyball practice. She’s already run inside and
getting her shoes put on, her knee pads put on,
she’s super excited about it. As I said before, we
know some of the parents, some of them
are going to be new. Same coach, same head coach,
we got a new assistant coach, so we’re just
excited it’s another year, we know a lot of you guys
are too, a lot of comments from the last couple
days about volleyball footage and volleyball games and
tournaments and all that stuff so super-duper excited. (volleyballs bouncing) (volleyballs hit) – [Coach] Good. (shoes squeaking) – [Assistant Coach] Nice. – [Player] Good try. Back from volleyball
practice, we’ll talk to Sierra in just a couple minutes after
she’s done taking a shower because she’s
excited to watch “The Flash.” Update on the pool,
this thing is filling up way faster than I thought.
It took almost four days to empty out but it
looks like it’s only gonna take a day, day and
a half to fill up. I mean, it’s almost
to the top step already. So you can see
there, it’s already back. Been having two hoses
run pretty much nonstop for a day and a half so, actually not
even a day and a half, a little over a day
and so by tomorrow morning I’m guessing it’s gonna
be pretty much to the line. I’m gonna clean out the
filters, and then take a water sample to Leslie’s.
They’re gonna test it, tell me what chemicals
I need to put into it based on our water
chemistry and then our pool will be sparkling blue
and ready to rock and roll. I’m excited about it. Alright so, 5:00 A.M.,
we gotta get up, your appointment, your
check-in’s at 7:00, right? – Yeah.
– Check in’s at 7:00. – With traffic we’ve
gotta leave by 6:00 probably. – Yeah, because
it’s downtown Phoenix, Phoenix Children’s Hospital
and he’s a little nervous, but I keep telling him
there’s nothing to be nervous about, it’s a very
common procedure and the doctors done
it a hundred times, no, a thousand times,
so it’s nothing critical like your brain or your
heart or anything like that so it’s super easy, super simple and no school for at
least two days, maybe three depends on how you
feeling Friday morning when you wake up, I think
you’re tough, I think you’re gonna be like fine, I think
Friday you’re gonna be like I can go to school,
so, we’ll see. But, he can’t eat
anything in the morning so I think you should eat
a little late night snack to kinda, so you
don’t wake up starving. – Yeah, fill your
belly with something. What’s it gonna be? – Bowl of cereal? – Bowl of cereal. Ooh, what
kind of cereal do we have? We got some good stuff. How are you doing? – I’m good right now, but
we’ll see how I sleep tonight. – [Clintus] She
got her hair done. – I did. – [Clintus] We didn’t even
mention that I don’t think. – Nope. Back to the
dark for the Winter months. It’ll fade as usual. – [Clintus] Red,
yep, it looks good. Your cousin does a
good job, I like it. Raisin Bran? Raisin Bran it is. We’ve had this forever. – You’re pretty much
the only one that eats it. – Yeah. – Alright, she’s
all showered, clean, what do you think
of your first practice? – Awesome. – Awesome. Got a
good little team, huh? – Yeah. – Yeah, and of course
we’re back with Coach Mike. – Yep. – And your new coach? – Coach Mark. – Coach Mark. He had good
team back in junior high. You played against his team. – Yep. – And they beat us,
so he’s a good coach. – And we actually have one
of their girls on our team. – Yep, so we’ve got
a good little team. First practice and
everyone’s pretty impressed so we’re excited to
watch the girls bond and form a team and your first
tournament is in December? – January, December? – Yeah, I think there was
one at the, in the middle of December, I think it’s
the same time we go to Payson though that’s the
problem though, we saw that and we were like uh, so
we’ve got to figure that out. We’re supposed to go to the
cabin with all the family, all the kids so
we’ll see, but yeah, basically the
season starts in January and goes all the
way through until May, so it’s going to be exciting. And your number 15?
– Yep. – Number 15, and we don’t
know what positions yet, positions will come later.
Coach will figure out where all the
girls strengths are and where they
best fit as a team. A couple of us can actually set, but like whoever’s
not better, but like who would fit better
as a hitter or setter. – And it’s not even
like who’s the best setter. It’s like okay, this
person’s a great setter but your also a great hitter and– – We’ve got other
setters while you can hit. – Exactly. So the
coaches will figure that out and we’ll let you guys know.
Keep you guys updated throughout the
season on where Sierra is and how the team is doing. I do want to take
this opportunity though to thank you guys for watching
and say that I love you. I know the last year
we’ve lost a lot of viewers, we’ve lost a lot of subs.
YouTube’s done a lot of crazy things, and you
know it’s like a roller coaster for me personally
to watch the channel that I’ve built and
grown for over 10 years just all of a
sudden just start to (decline noise mimic) it’s like anything else,
a business, whatever your into you grew it, like a
tree in your back yard, you watered it,
nurture it, you fertilized it and it was a growing
tree and all of a sudden one day it started to
wilt and die and you’re like no, it is what it is. But if you’re still
here and you’re watching this right now,
thank you very much. I appreciate it,
you are the loyalists and I really do appreciate it.
It means everything to me. Alright so I’m
gonna end the vlog here ’cause I’ve got
to edit it tonight because we have
to be up at 5:00 A.M. to be out the door by 6:00 A.M.
and to be at the hospital by 7:00 A.M., so I will
see you guys tomorrow. Taking Bryce to the hospital, getting his hernia surgery. I’ll have that video here cards if you guys are not sure why
we’re going to the hospital, why he’s having
surgery, all that stuff, the video will be right here
for you guys to check out, and we’ll see you
guys tomorrow. Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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