🏐 Club Volleyball Tryouts! | Clintus.tv
🏐 Club Volleyball Tryouts! | Clintus.tv

(upbeat music) – Good morning, clan. Welcome to Saturday. Had to think
about that for a second. Saturday here at trailer. It’s early, we’re up. We’re makin’ coffee. We’re makin’ bagels. Sierra’s getting trained — Uh, trained. Changed, dressed, dressed. Tressed. For volleyball tryouts. She’s super excited. And so are we, so are we. We’re excited to
get the season started, get practices going,
meet the team, meet the other parents, so let’s get this party started. Alright, we’re here,
getting geared up. Getting suited up. Ready for good tryouts. We got 12U, 13U, 14U today. All the big girls
are next weekend, yeah? A lot of familiar faces. – She’s a little excited. – [Clintus] Little bit? – Just a little bit.
– [Clintus] Just a little bit. – She woke up in a good mood.
– [Clintus] Just a little bit. – Can you see it? (shouts) (whistles blow) – [Tiffany] How’s it going? – Huh? – [Tiffany] How’s it going? – [Clintus] You sweaty yet?
(Clintus and Tiffany laugh) (shouts) – [Coach] (inaudible) do well. – [Male Coach] You
all played well. (inaudible) (applause) (cheers) – [Coach] Alright,
so, hey ya’ll, we’re gonna have
a parents’ meeting. I’m gonna set up the
projector right here. – [Clintus] Alright,
so what’s the verdict? – What do you mean? – [Clintus] What team are you on? – 13s National Chaos. – [Clintus] 13s National,
which means… – We travel, and… – [Clintus] We’re traveling. – (mumbles) Chaos. – [Clintus] Chaos, so
the team name is Chaos. We’re no longer the Snipers. – And we’re going to Las Vegas. – [Clintus] That’s the one. There’s, isn’t there two? – But there aren’t out
of state, they’re just… – [Clintus] Oh, okay. – They’re extra… – [Clintus] Okay,
alright, so 13s Nationals and we’re the Chaos.
Now you’re trying on jerseys? – How is this an extra small? – [Clintus] Alright.
Let’s try ’em on. Someone’s a little happy. Someone’s a little excited. Alright, so, Chaos. That’s what we are now. Gotta throw away
all my Sniper shirts. No, actually, we got
lucky to be on the Snipers two years in a row. It’s very rare that they
usually keep the same names for the same teams. – So Snipers is always
the lowest, then it’s Chaos. So then the ages, so last
year Snipers was the youngest. – So, practices are gonna be
Tuesdays and Thursdays, though. So it’s basically
our worst case scenario, ’cause that basically
means we have sports every night of the week now. Or, wait, no,
I guess on Fridays, we still have
Fridays available, but still. Bryce has practice
on Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, so I
guess we’ll have to figure out and make it work, but either way, I’m
excited for more volleyball. – Me, too. – And I know a lot
of you guys are, too. A lot of comments about
getting back into volleyball, so, it’ll be fun. Also, it ended up being
four girls, including Sierra, from last year’s team, so there’ll be
some familiar faces. We got Ariah,
who’s a friend of ours, Misty’s daughter, who’s
been, you guys have known each other since you
were born, basically. So she’s on the team. And you might recognize
her from Sierra’s very first club volleyball
team, the Sliders. – Oh, my gosh. – That was a long time ago. – I was like seven or eight. – That was a long time
ago, so she’s on the team, and then another girl who
played on Bryce’s tee ball team back five years ago,
six years ago, so some familiar
faces coming back. It’s pretty cool. So we’re here at
Carambas, Carabas, Carumbos. – [Tiffany] Carabas. – Carambas.
– Carambas. – Carambas, we’re at Carambas. For some lunch,
’cause we’re starving. We haven’t eaten anything. Mexican food on the patio. No Bryce, Bryce
wanted to stay back with Meemaw and Papa, so
I don’t know what he’s doing. Hopefully he picked up
the camera and said something, probably not, though. Alright, we’ve
returned to the trailer, and it’s hot. It’s funny, I’m
(mumbles) but I’m (mumbles). I’m gonna (mumbles). Yeah, Tiffany already changed. I’m not sure
exactly the temperature. I think it’s close to 85, which is not hot, but it’s the beginning
of November, you guys. It’s chilly in the evenings, it’s hot in the afternoons. This is Arizona weather. So through the month
of November all the way until about Thanksgiving,
towards the end, towards December,
that’s when it actually gets cold and stays cold. Right now, it’s
like, cold, hot, cold. Cold, hot, cold. That’s how our days are. And I remember when I was a kid, it was the worst. Because you’d
wake up in the morning and you put a hoodie
on and you wear pants because it was
cold in the morning, and then when you
come home from school, you were like sweating. You were like,
“Oh, my God, it’s so hot!” It’s like the worst. So, I say it’s hot,
but, you know, it’s not really hot. It’s just the
evenings get in the 60s, so when the days
get to the high 80s, it feels hot. – Alright, guys. So, me and my friend Brett,
we are gonna be doing, we’re gonna be stacking dominoes and hitting them over. So what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna set up about like this
much, we’ve got like five. About like five
dominoes stacked, and then we’re
gonna try hitting it, and then it’s
gonna fall off the table, or the counter,
and hit this one, and then it’s gonna
start this, and start going. We’re just trying to measure it to see where we
have to put both of them. So put this right there. We knock it, and see
exactly where it lands. So it hit around right here. So we would have to put the
bottom domino right there. All right, so we just finished. We have about five right there. It’s not that long. We don’t have
that much dominoes, but hopefully those
hit and then knock down. Three, two, one, go. No! – [Brett] Wait, that’s five. We could just redo this. – [Bryce] We just
gotta set it up differently. – [Brett] Go a little bit. – [Bryce] Oh, dang it! – [Brett] Dang it! – [Bryce] They bounced. – [Brett] Well,
that’s half of it. Worth a try. – [Bryce] I’m trying
to do it by the camera. It was worth a try. How did (mumbles)
fell on (mumbles)? – [Bryce] Here,
let’s set ’em up (mumbles). – [Brett] Well, it didn’t hit, and then we did
it a second time, and then it hit half. – [Tiffany] Oh, yeah. Steaks are going on. Papa’s famous
Saturday night’s steaks. – Mine’s done. – [Tiffany] That’s gross, Dad. So you did it
different this year. – Yeah, top sirloin. We’ll see how they are. – [Clintus] The kids are
in Meemaw and Papa’s trailer doing some card games,
some magic tricks. Waiting for dinner to be ready. Speaking of dinner, we
got some sauteed mushrooms. We got some baked
potatoes in the microwave. Got some steaks on the grill. We got some salad. It’s gonna be a
steak and potatoes night. – [Tiffany] What
are you guys playing? – We’re trying
to do a magic trick. It’s not working for us. – Is this your card? No, it was not. Is this your card? Not, it was not. – [Meemaw] That’s
cause you’re skinny. – [Tiffany] Oh, yeah. – [Papa] Nice picnic. You can eat a
whole lot, can’t you? – Yeah, I’ll take that. – [Sierra] I thought
you didn’t want steak. – No, I don’t want that. I was kidding. – [Meemaw] No! He’s not kidding. – [Tiffany] No,
you can eat it, Bryce. – [Meemaw] Come on! – That’s good. – You want this much meat? – Ah, hot. – [Tiffany] Where’s
your salad, chica? – I’ll come back for it. – [Tiffany] How is it? Good so far? – Salad’s good. – [Tiffany] Bryce
had steak and salad. Where’s your potato? Say, “Thanks,
Papa, for the table.” – (mumbles) it first. – [Tiffany] How is it? – Good. – [Tiffany] Just good? – Can’t go wrong
with steak and potatoes. It’s a classic. (chatter) – Alright, we wandered off
into a random camp. We playing some washers and Tiffany and I just won against Mike and Joy. Our first time ever. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. This is like a famous bar here everyone comes to
every year, every race, games, drinks, music. It’s good times. Ice cream run. Is it all smashed and melted? – Oh, yeah, big time. – (mumbles)
mine before it melts. – [Clintus] Yeah,
I know, I got mine. I’m good to go. I don’t know what you
guys are talkin’ about. We’re gonna go ahead and
call it a night here, guys. Thanks so much for
hanging out with us today. Tomorrow, we actually
are going into the race. We’re gonna watch
the race, NASCAR, PIR, the last race at PIR, guys. Next year turns into a
whole, the name changes. Like, IMS, IMF. I forget the name of it. – [Sierra] Is it
not NASCAR racing? – It’s NASCAR but the
name of the track is changing. It’s PIR, Phoenix
International Raceway. They got a new sponsor. It’s IMF or IMS. I forget. I’ll let you guys know tomorrow
when we get to the track. It’s listed already. But this I think this
is the last race at PIR. So stay tuned tomorrow for that. Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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