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– Hello there, Adam Bazalgette here, Founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Today’s subject, three
tips for your golf swing. Now these will be general in nature, but if you can get these three tips right, get them incorporated, you will really have a good foundation and start to make good golf swings and you
can build from there. (dramatic music) Okay, second thing. Just very quickly here, if
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you’d go ahead and do that. And then let’s get started with the video. So the first tip is swing plane, and what that refers to
is the angle you swing on. Is it more there? Is it more here? Believe me the club is
designed a certain way. You start fighting the design of the club as you swing, you’ll struggle. Let’s have a quick look at a great player, then we’ll work on it. So here’s Paul Casey, successful player, won a couple of times on the
US tour in the last few years. I’ve always really liked his swing, like his lower body motion. Here’s the reference I would use and there’s a lot of references you can use for plane,
but let’s use this one. Right about there the
hands are about opposite that right shoulder, that trail shoulder. So as he finishes his backswing, you could say that his
left arm is almost directly across his shoulder plane,
maybe slightly above it. That is a very common, middle of the road kind of a spot here, when you see that shoulder
covered by the hands at that point in the swing. So here’s a terrific drill, an easy one to get you on the right track. We’ll look at it from both angles. Briefly, from this angle. I’m gonna go about
three-quarters of the way back, then just touch my wrists right against the inside of my shoulder. So, that’s my reference point. And then, I push them out away from me. Doesn’t have to be rigid,
but just out away from you. You’ll start to get the right feel. Check it out from this angle. So, as we look at the drill from here, I’m gonna touch my hands just
near the inside of my shoulder then push them away from me a little bit. May not be a completely full backswing, but it gives me a reference
and if you call Spot A where your hands and forearms are
address this would be Spot B. And here’s the key to the drill, once you’re familiarizing
yourself with that, you’ve got to do it looking here, do it with your eyes closed a little bit, just a few minutes away
from the golf course you’ll have a good sense of it. Once you’re familiar with it, all your doing is going from A to B. And the less you think and the
less you position the club, if you try to place the club in positions with your hands, you’re doing it wrong. You just familiarize
yourself with those two spots you’ll really be on the right
track with your swing plane. Again, this is general. Hey, there’s some great players who swing a little bit up from that and a few who swing a
little flatter than that, but this is a great starting point, and you can always customize a little for yourself from there. So, here’s our next tip. And that is, that your
body should influence your arms and cause them to make, which in turn, of course,
influences the club. Now, here’s the principle involved. First off, it’s more repeatable. You just start placing
your club with your hands and arms too much it
won’t be very repeatable. But, secondly, it’s much more powerful. Now if I was to snap a towel like that, it would make a lot of
difference to you if you were on the receiving end of the
hit how long the towel was. Let’s assume I was good at
it and I did it the same way. I hold a little towel that long, you’re not going to feel that much. I get a big, long towel, if
it’s light enough in weight you’re going to get
whacked with it at the tip. That’s the principle. So, here’s the club, the further away from that you can have
the genesis of your swing, the more pop and power you’ll get. So, use the body. Let’s have a look at a great player. So, I’ve chosen a throwback. The great Arnold Palmer. Certainly, a favorite of
most people, certainly mine. I got to spend quite a bit of time around him on one or two occasions in my golf career, and he was just great. So, here we go. Body really winding there
taking those arms back, and not just in the backswing. Watch as he changes direction. There’s the body. You couldn’t be anymore dynamic than that. There’s the body leading,
and when the energy finally does transfer out to the club, believe me there’s a lot of power there. Now, speaking of power, I’ve got a great three-part video course in-depth on how to gain yardage. It’s yours for free just go down to the description box and pick it up. Now another important feature. You will have much more repeatability, and create more power,
more centrifugal force, if your axis stays pretty centered. So, put the club down, get your shadow directly in front of you once in awhile and practice that pivot there. It’s okay for the hips to drive
a bit forward coming down, but the top of your axis should be nice and steady as you
go through your swing. Alright, here’s my final tip. Sometimes, this is a very overlooked one. It might be a little on the boring side, but hang in there, it is crucial if you are going to get
the other things to work. And that is, grip pressure. People say in golf lessons with me, what do you think a good grip pressure is? Is it a three or a four? I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know what your
version of a three is, I’m not sure I know what my version of a three or a four or a five is. Here’s the key, you have to have enough grip pressure to control the club. First off, if you don’t control the club you’re not going to be any good anyway. But, secondly, your subconscious mind will tell if you’re holding it
too loosely, and as you start to create speed
you’ll grab it a little bit. So, get enough grip pressure
there to control the golf club. But, at the same time, you
have to have mobile wrists. If you don’t have some
mobility and bounce there in your wrists that is too stiff. Now, it is absolutely not true to say that as you tighten your grip you have to tighten
every joint in your body. How many of you have ever
shaken someone’s hand reasonably firmly, but have a soft arm? So, that’s what you’re looking for. So, don’t kinda take a cop out and say I read it was a four or a
five or an eight or whatever. Play with the club a little bit away from the ball ’til you feel like, yeah, I’ve got control of it, my mind knows I have control
in these fingers here, but I can definitely feel
the mobility of the wrist. I can feel the weight of
the golf club out there reacting to what I’m doing. You dial that in a little bit, You’ll really have helped yourself. Certainly, you have to have a decent grip. If your grip it too high in the palm, we’re not getting into that in detail now, you’ll struggle here. So, make sure that grip is
more towards the fingers and the heel of the hand
is on top of the club. Okay, that’s our third tip. I think it’s a big one,
it’s an important one. Work on it. Well, thanks very much
for watching the video. I’d really appreciate it
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