[옥스윙 50강](ENG) 35강 옥스윙 미들아이언은 꼭 이렇게 치세요. How to use a middle iron.
[옥스윙 50강](ENG) 35강 옥스윙 미들아이언은 꼭 이렇게 치세요. How to use a middle iron.

Good morning? This is Scott in ‘Scott Lee’s Golf Academy’ and ‘OKSWING GOLF ACADEMY.’ Our channel grows with your ‘likes’, ‘subscriptions’, and ‘alarm settings.’ If you push the button ‘like’ now, it will grow into a much more powerful channel. And you don’t have the sound it in the evening, but you want to watch a video. Then if you touch the screen, there are three dots on the upper right. Touch the location to display the subtitle function. You can select Korean and English subtitles, so please take full advantage of the subtitles feature. Last time I talked to you about short iron. I’m going to talk about variable type and fixed type, but I’ll put it off a little later. Today, I’m going to explain middle iron. I’m holding 7th iron. Last time you were amazed that I hit 135-140 meters with a pitching wedge. The players hit farther. If you hit with MP518, irons, and FF247, you can hit farther. I use graphite irons because I want to play golf a little bit easier. Today I’m going to explain middle iron. Middle irons are slightly longer in the club, so body movements are larger than short irons. Therefore, how to apply it is also important. Please listen carefully from now on. I’ll start right away. I start with saying “middle iron.” Then, you can think of it is not same as a short iron, but it’s pretty mush the same. Once the ball is placed inside the right foot. And the stance is same as a small swing, with both feet inward rather than shoulders and stand close to the ball. And stand close to the ball as I told you in the wood club. The most important thing in golf is the gap fight for you. There are two meanings. It’s going to be done far away or hitting exactly . Make sure you close the gap between your body and the ball so you can hit the sweet spot. If you don’t know what to fix and the ball isn’t hit, go back to the small swing. Keep your stance as close as possible and keep the ball inside your right foot. Then you will feel completely standing and your body will be in control. In this state you do one of these things: ‘Fold-unold’, ‘Flip-Pelvic, or Shoulder’. When I swing like this, I got a draw and the ball flew 176 meters. I’ll try again with a small swing. The ball is inside the right foot, and the stance is narrow. “How do I hit with this narrow stance? ‘Fold-unfold’ should be.” I pushed a little further. Then it was a small swing that went 175 meters. I did a small swing, so this time I’ll do a middle swing. My shoulders come in between my feet, stand a little further, stand a little further away from the ball and the ball is in the same position. My upper body is bowed down. And I’ll fold-unfold it. As the ball is pushed to the right, the swing is a little bit bigger. I hit 189 meters and 190 meters with Middle Iron. But I told you that the club I use is a club with a lot of distance. You are already good at drivers. I’ll try again. Fol-d Unfold I made a middle swing and the ball floated further and flew about 180 meters. That’s fine. Then let me take a big swing. “Lee Byeong Ok pro said that golf should be finished in the end elegantly.” “I’ll be a nice swan than ugly duckling, medium chicken.” Stand with your shoulders between your feet and don’t rush. And stand far from the ball. Fol-d Unfold If you hit the ball like this, the movement of the body will be quite big. Ball trajectory is very good. The distance is 185 meters, which is almost like a middle swing. I said small swing is a swing optimized for short iron. You can ask me this question. “You said that don’t change the swing, if I change swing, it’s gonna be ruined.” As I said, I’m giving you a basic lesson without knowing every subscriber. And if you keep playing golf, you’ll do well. Then you’re free to hit the small, middle, and big swing. It’s nice not to make a mistake, but if you can make an application through a mistake, you’ll play better. Stand your stance wide when using long clubs. It is not necessarily saying that short irons for small swing, middle irons for middle swing or long irons for big swing. When you buy a new club or don’t swing well, try to get as close to the ball as you can. This was what I said when I taught Junior. Then have you stand a little back, a little back, a little wide, a little wide, a little wide and find the distance. The players are characterized by standing close to the ball when the slump comes. Often the ball hits the inside of the sweet spot, making it shank or weak and not playing normally. You have to stand close to the ball and practice hitting it as much as possible when the ball doesn’t fit well. Of course the distance are small. But it’s a practice that you can survive on the field. I’m hitting with a 7th iron. I’m not a golfer who moves a lot. If you see my swing, tell me I’m easy to hit. It’s easy to swing that looks easy. Because I’m not a big mover golfer I’m not the type that swings like this. On the other hand, there are some people who make dynamic movements. Such people make shanks when they swing. Because when you are swinging you have to swing down from above directly. But as your movement grows and moves to the left, the ball hits past the lowest point. I am swinging down and hit the ball but
the person who hits but moves to the left has a shank. It takes 2-3 years to fix this swing. It’s not good. You can then boldly move the ball to the center. If you’re doing OKSWING but the shank or the ball is pushed to the right, dare to move the ball to the center. If you move the ball to the center and move your body, the ball’s trajectory will increase and you can hit it far. Because you can hit it dynamically. And when I want to hit too far, I hit the ball in the middle, because I move a lot. I make the back swing bigger. The ball is a bit flew to the right. I told you to be careful when you hit the ball in the big swing. You know what that means. But iron is not a club like this. I gave examples with examples of people who move their bodies more than me. Those who are willing to move the ball to the center and practice. The most important thing is not the right answer. Your swing is the right answer. Irons are flat, but some people hit the ball on the heel. It’s pretty dangerous. So you do a lot of fitting to match this lie angle. Because it would not fit well if you put the ball on the heel. That’s why we encourage you to fit your club to your swinging habits. This is what you need. Can you understand the golf, swing and application of Scott? It’s not difficult. I finished ‘Fold-unfold’ in detail during the 1-30 lectures. Now we will practice how to apply the swing according to the type of club. Please feel free to practice. I’ll tell you again, please push the button ‘like’, ‘subscribe’. You need to set ‘alarm’ so that you can participate in the event suddenly. So far, It has been a teacher Scott in ‘Scott Lee’s Golf Academy’, ‘OKSWING GOLF ACADEMY.’ Thank you.

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