【English Sub】扑通扑通的青春 21 | Plop Youth – Dive 21(无字幕版)
【English Sub】扑通扑通的青春 21 | Plop Youth – Dive 21(无字幕版)

Plop Youth – Dive SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub
www.facebook.com/BabelSub Subbers Alina, Sophia, Rita Episodeÿ21 How did it go? He’s not answering. He didn’t come back last night. If I said something earlier, things would have been different. It’s all my fault. No, it’s not. Haoran was not interested in joining the Harbor City team. I know. Let’s find him first. Sir, sir, are you alright? You’ve had enough drinks. Let’s have a little competition. Yeah, let’s do it. What’s the point? Can you two be more childish? 401B. Witte, what are you guys talking about? What are you gonna do? I’m just saying hello to old friends. Haoran! What happened to you? What happened? Where are you going? Hello, Haoran, where are you? This is the splendor bar, your friend left his phone here. What’s your address? You’ve showed no progress. The fulcrum of the springboard here is faulty. Be careful yourself. Making excuses won’t change the outcome. 403B. Witte, don’t be ridiculous, come back down. He’s still so impulsive and competitive. Why did you balk earlier? The springboard is a little off balance here. 205B. What happened? Why are you drunk and bleeding? I lost. I lost completely. What? I quit the Heron Island team. Everyone’s disappointed at me, right? You left Heron Island team? Why can’t he see me? I’ve worked so hard for years, all I’ve ever wanted is his approval. All he sees is someone came out of nowhere, Witte. Witte… Don’t think like that. That’s not how Bailong thinks. Mi Nan, am I really that awful? You’re not. Am I not worthy of being paired with him? You can talk to me. Don’t do this, you’ll tear your wound. Haoran! Haoran! Bailong. What happened to your hand? Let me see, let me see. What happened, Haoran? I’m not your teammate anymore. Haoran, I’m sorry. I should’ve cared more about your feelings. But we all are best friends, I don’t want to let any of you down. Friends? Haoran, let’s get your hand checked. Haoran. Haoran. Don’t touch me! Haoran! Haoran! Would you come back if you and I become partners? I’m a total loser in Heron Island team. I had to go to Harbor City team. I’ll go check on him. 5152B. You won’t be a sore loser, right? Are you two making me your wager? Witte, Witte! Stop following me! You just lost one match, what’s the big deal? Listen to me, Golf was really good. You should learn from his twist. It’s way better than yours. No need. I’m not gonna dive again. I’m not gonna dive again. What’s wrong with you? It’s just one match! This is our wager. I’d give up diving if I lost. This… this is the price of fighting over a girl? It was over long ago, she and me. You’re giving up diving for her, doesn’t look like it’s over. What matters is that I lost the bet, that’s it. Why is this one match so important? This is my business. And it’s not your concern. Witte Sone! Come on, steady. Uncle, be careful. What’s wrong with his hand? He fell, accidentally. It’s been treated. Uncle, don’t worry. I’d love to stop worrying about him, but he’s not making it easy. Haoran is going to join Harbor City team. Tian Lin, are you staying in Heron Island or… I’ll go where Haoran is going. Caiyi. Bailong. What are you doing here? I, I’d like to talk to you about Witte. Witte? What about Witte? Let’s talk over there. Sure. Tell me, what did you do last night? Where were you? I don’t feel like chatting today. Witte. You knew we didn’t have much time left before the final. How could you do that? You’re giving up? Do you even care about our team? Because of your bruised ego, you’re giving up diving, giving up on the team, aren’t you? Bailong, Yes, you’re right. But can you just let me hold onto a little dignity? You three can participate without me. Haoran can do better than me. Haoran and Tian Lin has already gone to Harbor City team. Arms stretching! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 3 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 4 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Dismiss. The Heron Island boys. Looking for trouble? You shouldn’t be here. Coach Ming asked us to be here. Coach. The game’s old, but I can’t get enough of it. Finding hope in the most desperate situation. Only when your back is against the wall, can you reach your full potential. This is your first lesson here in Harbor City team. Any other questions? Yeah. Is every one in your team this annoying? I like having my team members be who they are. But one has to earn the right to be accepted as who they are. What do you say? Seems like someone’s calling about you guys. Keep training. Hello? Yes, I hope you could reconsider. Bye. Coach, how’s Haoran? He… You know it better than I do. Our team is falling apart. Coach, I need to take a personal day. We’re in the training process, you wanna take a day off? Or do you think you could easily win the national college championship? Coach, please let me deal with some problems at hand first. Or I can’t concentrate on the championship. You can punish me however you see fit after that. Wait. You can take a personal day. Run 10km after you’re back. OK. Why are you taking a day off? Nothing. What is it? I need to take a day off too. I’ll run 20 kilometers. You… Coach wants to see you. Newbie, where are your manners? Thanks. For what? What’s a traitor from Heron Island doing here? Take it up with the coach if you don’t like it. Are you here to steal our technique for Heron Island? Excuse me. I’m here to compete in the final, not to chat with you. Rest assure. You’ll certainly be in the national college championship. We don’t mind an additional cheerleader, or if you work hard, you might be an alternate. This is not the kind of crappy team you used to be in. All your crappy skills, I remember well from our friendly match. This would make a perfect entry. Witte. Another Heron Island boy. What? You want us to take you in as well? You wish. Move. You guys left so sudden. Come back with me. Outsiders are not welcome here. If I don’t speak Chinese, you would just keep staring at me? You do speak Chinese. Good. I’m here to ask you to cancel the bet with Witte. You Chinese people can just cancel the bet you made? What would it take for you to cancel it? Why would I? I am Witte’s partner. Witte lost the bet, means I lost my partner. Your bet is not fair to me. You should tell that to Witte. Not my concern. Golf, what exactly do you want? Are you guys done? If you still want to be paired with Bailong come back to Heron Island with me. I’ll take care of the rest. I promise that Bailong will be your partner. Why isn’t he here then? I’m not here because of you, or Jiang Bailong. I’m here for me. That’s my platform over there. Please leave. I’m about to start training. I’m taking you back no matter what. Let go. Let go. Let go! What would it take for you to come back with me? Are you really going to be our enemy? Let alone Bailong, you can’t even beat me at your current level. Would you stop barking if I beat you right now? You’ll listen to me if I win. What’s with the nonsense? You think you’re still in Heron Island? You want a match, I’ll be the judge. Sure. Now I know why Witte gave up diving back then. Because he had a weak partner. What are you saying? And I know why Witte chose me. Because I’m better than you. Better than me? We’re both Witte’s partners, the real match should be between us. Besides, I think you’d like to know what kind of partner Witte chose. Are you sure you can beat me? Are you afraid? I’ll give up diving as well if I can’t win. How do you wanna do this? You’re good at three-meter platform, right? Let’s do three-meter. You are just as competitive as Witte. Would you two calm down? This is dumb, stop it. One match it is. You gotta play by our rules when you’re in our house. Blindfolded. Scared? Are you nuts? Jumping with a blindfold on, what if someone gets hurt? Our house, our rules. Winner takes all. How about it? Dare or not, ginger? And you, Lu Haoran? Don’t, you can’t. Who’s gonna compete for Heron Island team if you get hurt? You are. Miss, is this the whole party? What happened? Which kid upsets you? Tell me, I’m gonna spank them for you. Yeah, right. It’s Thursday. Apple juice? Saki. Saki? Isn’t it a little early? Don’t you have training today? Those kids are out of control. Have some soup. Drink some of this, it’ll make you feel better. Enjoy. I probably not a good coach. Probably. In this life everyone makes mistakes. Most importantly we need to learn from that. That’s how young people are. Speaking of kids, you are like a kid yourself. Our rules in Harbor City. It’s simple. Blindfolded, take turns. Admitting defeat, making mistakes or fail to complete the group are all considered lost. I’ll check after you put your blindfolds on. You cheat, you lose. Choose whatever group you like, but the degree of difficulty of the group you choose
must be higher than your opponent’s. Then what happens when you did the group with the highest degree of difficulty? Nobody knows. The most interesting part of this game is there’s no limit. Get started if you don’t have any more questions. 5152B. Chun, who is that? He’s Witte’s partner. He’s here to get the bet canceled. What bet? Just some dumb bet, one that doesn’t make any sense. Tough opening. 5152B has a 3.2 degree of difficulty. Can he do that? Ever since his match with Witte, Golf hasn’t been in a good state. Don’t forget about this bet. I won’t. 107B. He starts with a 3.0 degree of difficulty. What would you do if it were you? I’d start small, work my way up. Dude, go big or go home. Don’t give your opponent a fighting chance, you know? Looks like Haoran belongs in my team. Do you agree? That’s the Golf we know and love. How can someone from some local college team best that? 205B. 205B also has a 3.2 degree of difficulty. Did he do that on purpose? No wonder he came to revenge Witte. They scored the same! The Chinese boy is awesome. True that. Alright, I’m off. After they’re done, you run twenty laps around the pool, then do ten jumps, then you can come get me. Witte. Come on! 109C. Let’s finish the game. Their scores are exactly the same. The group Bailong chose was exactly the same as what Witte Chose when he challenged Golf. This Jiang Bailong is as impulsive as Witte is. He’s here for revenge no doubt. Maybe that’s why Witte chose him. 109C. 4 1/2 twist with the blindfold on, the ginger is stupidly bold. But according to coach, if he does do that, then Haoran won’t be having much choice. He said to finish the game, it must’ve been what he meant. Check! 109C. I haven’t seen anyone done that blindfolded. Why don’t you say goodbye first? I’m afraid that once you jump, you won’t get up again. Witte, you won’t be so unlucky, losing twice in a row. You win. Actually, I find you quite formidable. I have to warn you, Witte has always been like this since he’s a child, a rascal and a slacker. He’s impulsive and bad-tempered. He couldn’t follow through what he once set out to do. I’ve seen all that you mentioned. Why do you still partner with him then? Witte is like a storm, sometimes a blizzard even. It’s not something that we can control. What we can do is trying to channel it, with patience. Once we succeed, he’ll be a force to be reckoned with. A storm can destroy everything in its path, but it isn’t necessarily bad. Have you ever heard and old saying? You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. It’s how we grew up. Seems like I gotta admit, Witte has a good partner now. If he hadn’t left back then, you two should still be partners. I can tell that you don’t really want him to give up diving, do you? Having an imaginary enemy as someone you want to defeat is better than having no purpose at all. I think you and Witte have a lot in common. I did lose the match, but I’m nothing like him. Witte is nuts. Yeah, he does appear kinda nuts. He was like this before, and he’s still like this now. I don’t think he’ll ever change in the future. But I guess that’s who he is. And this is why we end up together. I hope we never meet again. Golf.Chinese TV Series Exclusive YouTube

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