Hello! We’re at Penina Golf Resort. We just came out of the pool. Mom, say hi! It’s a little bit windy here. *Is this really wind for us, Mariana?* No, it’s actually a little breeze Good morning! It’s sunday! Today, at 12.30pm we’re gonna play at the Championship Course, here at Penina. The weather is amazing! It’s sunny! When we finish the game, we’re going to the pool to enjoy the rest of the sun and to get a little tan We are in the 10th We just finish the first 9. Excellent! We’re waiting for the front group to move… Oh they just did! And we just stopped! Why? 4 groups? Yes, we’re here, in the beggining The front group needs to start And there’s a group in the middle of the field and one in the green! How awesome! *sarcasm* We just finish the game and we are so tired! It’s really hot here, at least there’s wind which is good. The pool is “calling” us magically. We’re gonna go there and then and then we’ll have dinner! And this was the story for the “Today my golf was like this…” blog! I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll see you in the next video! Bye!

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