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– He had a really nice putt just now. And I thought I had hit
record, but I didn’t. – She did not. – Great, I know. – You’ll just have to believe me. You’ll just have to believe me. – It was my second putt for
a four on a par three, but– – I wasn’t gonna say that. I wasn’t gonna tell them that. – We keep it real with you guys. – Oh, pssh. – I suck at golf. (laughter) ♪ Hey! ♪ (rock music) ♪ Hey! ♪ (instrumental country music) – You guys all know that
we love Harvest Hosts. – We do. – What you might not know, is that they actually
have more than one plan. – Their basic plan includes all of the wineries, breweries– – [Tara] Museums, attractions – [Chad] Farms. – [Tara] Farms. All that stuff. They have over 830 locations in just the classic program, I guess. – Right. But now, they also have a golf package. (swish) – Yeah! – So they added, what, 350– – They have over 325 golf locations– – Oh. – … in the U.S. right now. And the thing is, they’re
always adding more. So, by the time you watch this, they could have 350. Who knows? – Right. And the base package is $79 a year, and the base package plus golf is, 119? – 119, yes. – And you can get 15%
off if you use our link, which will be below. – Yes, and in the description. – Yeah. You might have seen our
other Harvest Hosts video where we stayed at a brewery and a museum. – [Tara] Right. This time, we stayed at
a couple of golf courses. We did this for you guys. I played golf for you! – He fought it, he really
didn’t want to play golf. – Tried to, I hate it. I hate playing– actually, I love playing golf. Golf hates me. – I am not a golfer, he is. But I still really like the idea of parking at golf courses, because they’re typically
very quiet, and peaceful, and usually really beautiful. And such is the case– – A lot of times– – … of the ones that
we’ve been to so far. – Mm-hmm, and a lot of times, they have a restaurant and/or a bar. – Yeah, or just a grill, or something. Snacks, we like snacks, you know that. So, the first one that we
went to was in Montana. (instrumental country music) – [Chad] It was actually the University of Montana Golf Course– – The only problem with that one, was we clipped a tree. – Yeah, one issue. Hopefully won’t be
there when you go there, was they were repaving
the street in front. So, we had to kind of come in a weird way. (instrumental country music) – [Tara] You’re about to get the curb. (small thud) You’re at the curb. – [Chad] Mmm. (car honk) – [Tara] Well, we’re trying. Go ahead. Go ahead, go, go ahead. What do you want me to tell them? (beeps) Chad, you need to communicate with me. – [Chad] I’m gonna back up a little bit. I need to back up a little bit. (beeps) I’m trying to get a little bit wider turn. (gentle music) – [Tara] All right, go ahead. I can’t see to your other side, so. (beeps) (gentle music) – [Chad] All right, we’re clear. – [Tara] I sure hope we
can get around up here. (beeps) – [Chad] I think we’re parking right here. – [Tara] Oh. (beeps) It really wasn’t the
fault of the golf course. It was just the circumstances, because there were quite a
few cars still in the lot that we had to work around. – Yeah, we arrived in
the middle of the day, and there were still
people there playing golf. We actually had to park
on one side of the lot, and wait for some cars to move, so we could make the turn. We could have definitely done it without scratching the tree. – Well, and this was
after a long travel day. And I was outside, and I was
trying to spot and watch, but I could only watch
certain parts in the park. But I wasn’t watching was the
part that we scratched, so. – [Chad] We clipped– – [Tara] Those branches
aren’t there anymore, because we took care of them for you. – Yeah, we took those
branches out for you. (laughter) – Yeah, so that was really the only issue. We actually do have a little
scratch on our RV from that. – It was a pretty nice little course. And they actually had a
really good restaurant. – [Tara] There was this
really great restaurant. And we were really surprised,
and we were happy about it. I mean, we knew that there was
a restaurant on the property, because we read the description. But the food was really good. (gentle music) And it was neat, because
there was a little garden right out in front of
where our RV was parked. That’s where they get the
vegetables for the restaurant. – [Chad] Yeah, it’s
literally farm-to-table, and the farm is right there. – [Tara] Yeah, it was
pretty cool to watch them tend to the garden every morning, because we stayed for two nights. – That’s one thing that’s
a little bit different about visiting a golf course, is, it’s sometimes difficult
to get a round of golf in after traveling all day. ‘Cause sometimes you have the time, but you just don’t feel like it. – [Tara] Lucky for us
that they were nice enough to let us stay for two days. – Yeah, and we did specifically
ask for two nights, so we would have the whole day there, and I could play a casual round of golf, and not have to worry about traveling. – You always have to
ask in advance for that. Typically, it’s just one night. So, you do have to get special permission to do more than one night. Do that in advance, as you should be planning all of your Harvest Hosts stops. – So, we’re gonna go
out and play some golf. Well, I’m gonna play some golf, and Tara– – I’m gonna be a spectator of golf. – Tara’s gonna give me golf claps. – I’ve been practicing. He’s been looking forward to
playing some golf for a while. – It’s been a long time. – It’s been a long time. So, we’re gonna lose a lot of balls today. – Yup. – And I’m just gonna tag
along for a little bit. I’m not feeling that great today, so I’m sorry if I’m a little low-energy. Meh. – And I’m just low-energy ’cause it’s– – It’s just his personality. – It’s 10:00 AM. – It’s his personality. Just kidding. (gentle music) You know what would be funny? Is for me to take some golf lessons. That would be funny. – [Chad] Hmm. – Because me trying to
hit a ball with a stick (Chad laughs) doesn’t usually work out well. (both laugh) – For anybody. (Tara laughs) Except for the ball. The ball’s usually safe. (Tara laughs) (gentle music) (swish and whack) (crowd cheers) – [Man] Oh, my goodness. – [Person In Crowd] Oh, my God (laughter). – It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole! – [Tara] Not bad for your first one in a long time. – Beginner’s luck all over again. (gentle music) (gentle music) – I don’t know how you even see the ball. I lose it the second it gets airborne. (louder music) – Number three here is very pretty. You see the mountains that way? And mountains that way? – Yeah, it’s beautiful up here. – Hill that way. (gentle music) – That is the biggest
dandelion I have ever seen. (gentle music) (swish and whack) – [Tara] Wow! (gentle music) – [Tara] Did it go in
here, is the question. – [Chad] It did. – [Tara] It did? – [Chad] Yeah. (running water) Here it is. – [Tara] Did you find it? – [Chad] Yeah. Oh. Bonus. – [Tara] Got an extra one? – Bonus. (Tara laughs) (louder music) – Why didn’t you just go home? That’s your home! Are you too good for your home?! – Another tip about the golf courses, each one is a little bit different. Some of them do specify that you must play a round of golf if you’re gonna stay there. I’m assuming some, we ran into one. We were going to stay at a golf course called Old Works Golf Course. And that was in a city
called Anaconda, Montana. But they do have it on the site now that they do require you to
play a round of golf there. – [Tara] Yeah, and a round
of golf there wasn’t cheap. – No, 70 bucks was the minimum. – Yeah, ooh. – And part of the reason for doing this is to save money. That was not gonna save money. – Yeah, so just decided
to find an RV park nearby for our overnight. And it was– – Yeah– – … only, like, 30 bucks. – 33, yeah. – So, this time around,
it wasn’t a benefit. – Right. If you’ve got the time to play golf, and you don’t mind a $70 green fee, because it looked like
a beautiful course– – [Tara] Yeah, but you
don’t always want to have that requirement. For the first one, at the
University of Montana, although he played golf, he wouldn’t have had to
if he didn’t want to. There are different ways
that you can spend money on a golf course, other
than just playing golf. – The second one we went to was called Eagle Rock Golf Course
in Billings, Montana. – [Tara] Yeah. (instrumental country music) We had no trouble getting into this one. – [Chad] Oh yeah, this place
was just, pull right in. It was easy, it was awesome. – [Tara] It was awesome. – [Chad] It was out in
the middle of nowhere, and very quiet. And we pulled right in there. There was no requirement
to play golf there, and quite honestly, we were tired. But we did try to go to the restaurant, but it was closed. So, we’re in Billings,
Montana, at a Harvest Host. – It’s hot! – It’s fricking hot here. – It is so hot! – There’s the Harvest Host Golf Course. – Yeah. There’s our spot. – Yup. And we’re gonna go right over there– – Easy. – And check out the bar. – That’s right. (instrumental country music) – [Chad] Hope the bar is open. – I don’t think it’s open. (instrumental country music) – [Chad] Is the bar upstairs closed? – [Man] Yeah, it is. – [Chad] Oh, damn. (instrumental country music) – [Chad] Bar was– – [Tara] We ended up
spending money though, because I found a pair of
sunglasses that were good for the motorcycle, for me, and you got some balls. – [Chad] Yeah, I bought
a sleeve of Pro V1s, which are not cheap, of course. I don’t usually buy expensive balls, because they usually go in the woods. And I never see them again. – Yeah. (laughter) – But it was a nice course. A great, easy overnight stay. – [Tara] Yeah, and the– – [Chad] The staff was super friendly. – [Tara] Yup, that’s what I was gonna say. And it was an overall
really good experience. We got there in the evening,
and we left in the morning, so we didn’t spend a lot of time there. But it was a nice, quiet overnight stop. Easy access. – [Chad] Mm-hmm. – [Tara] It was a great experience. – So far, we’ve done two golf courses. Both get a thumbs-up. And we’re gonna do more. – Yup, we’re gonna continue
to find golf courses as we make our way back east, and hopefully we continue
to have good experiences. I think we will, because all of our Harvest Host experiences so
far have been really good. – Yeah, really have. – And again, guys, if you want to save money on your membership, use the link in the description below. And save yourselves some money. That’s it, guys. Don’t forget to click the
Like button, and subscribe. – Mm-hmm, check out our website, changinglanesrv.com. – And Facebook and Instagram too. – See you later! – Yup, that’s how we keep
in touch with you guys. See you. Outtakes, stay tuned. So far, thumbs-up on the
golf courses, but do– – The go-lf? – (laughs) The go-lf. What’s up, yo? – My gosh. Yeah, we’re gonna continue
to find golf courses. (clears throat) Sorry, I just choked on my own saliva. What do you want to say, Daisy? What do you want to tell everybody? What do you want to tell everybody? How cute you are? And I’m– – Everybody please like and subscribe! – Do you want to tell everybody that you’re a spaz on travel days? Is that what you want to tell everybody? – Yeah, she is. Yeah. It’s an awesome,
awesome per– thing– thoo. – Really? – Mm-hmm (laughs).

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