الجوال اللي خسّرني كثير.. سامسونج تقلد ميزة غريبة من ابل..
الجوال اللي خسّرني كثير.. سامسونج تقلد ميزة غريبة من ابل..

The money I lost with the Red Hydrogen and my journey to Japan and what exactly I saw there. And of course we’ll discuss a phone that folds 2 times. Powered by STC Business. Peace be upon you all. This is your host, Faisal Alsaif with a new Science and Technology episode. Let’s start it with my Japan trip and what happened there. I attended Toyota’s “The Way Forward” event. Toyota is not just a car company, but also an enabling movement company. This means that they make different devices that can help people no matter how old they are to move freely. Elders will have their own devices that help them walk. These devices are different from the ones that are available in the market now as they have more efficient batteries and they’re designed to help people in need. These devices will help amputees by finding proper solutions for them. But why would Toyota do this? For me, the first reason is a humane reason. Being linked with Paralympics enabled them to find solutions to help the participants. The Paralympics is for people with disabilities. Humans with capabilities are destined to bring these people solutions. This is what Toyota has done with Paralympics. Their attitude is universal. Toyota do this for older people, people with disabilities and people who choose not to move for some reason. Not people able to move doesn’t necessary mean you don’t have legs or arms, it could mean that there are other reasons. Toyota create solutions for them. Enabling people to move is a great humane thing. Do you agree or not? Participate in the poll. When asked if the smart ring is a smart idea or not, 64% of you said it is a smart idea. Let me tell you about my experience with a smart ring I used before. Programming the ring was cool, but the application was very limited for the capabilities of this ring. Aesthetically, it was great. But the technologies packed it is what gives it a purpose. If we get used to smartwatches as an extension to our phones, we’ll enjoy them. But we’ll get tired of charging it weekly or daily, finding proper accessories among other things. Smart rings could be successful, but let’s first try them and then judge their functionality. AbdelAziz Alhammadi has been honored by Google in Google’s developers event. Google says he’s one of the most influential people in Gsuit and Google developers. May Allah empower him more. The content he offers on Twitter and Youtube is so great. May Allah grant us all knowledge. Our goal as technicians is to explain technology. We, surely, will benefit, but it is such a great thing to dedicate yourself to explaining technology to others. May Allah grant AbdelAziz power and joy. Show him your gratitude in the comment section. Let’s discuss ARM company, who engineer CPUs. They decided to go back to working with Huawei. But why? They’ve done that because they are a British company. It is more complicated than that, but that’s the truth. And as a British company, they can work with Huawei as the US embargo doesn’t apply to them. This topic has been unfinished for so long. It’s been 4 months. I honestly think technology in 2019 has faced huge obstacles. The main obstacles are about Huawei and not enabling them to show their talent in technology. At this time last year, we made comparison videos between the Mate 20 and other devices like the iPhone XS and Noe 9. But we’re deprived of these videos this year. We’re deprived of an early Mate X and 5G technologies in the Arab World. I hope Huawei will come back to innovation. Do you agree with me that Huawei embargo must be lifted so that companies can compete again? Whether you like Huawei, Samsung and Apple devices or not. The competition between these companies brings innovation, prices, capabilities and benefit. Isn’t that true? Samsung will follow Apple’s step and bring Slofie feature with their One UI v2. When this update rolls out, you’ll be able to take slofies with supported devices. The cameras already support this feature, but they only need the software to enable it. TSL will bring us a device that can fold twice. This device comes with different screens. This device needs some getting used to. I am honestly open to any foldable device. I have no problem with any company that makes a foldable device. Until I use the device and check its adoptability, and usability, I will not comment on it. We’ve agreed that the Galaxy Fold is a great device. It is a great technology, but I am not convinced it is for all people. Let’s discuss Red’s Hydrogen. We had waited for a long time to get this device. We created a video about it and the view number was crazy. This device is history now. It will not be supported anymore. The device supported Hologram and modularity using accessories. The build of it was rigged. We were hopeful that this device will bring the hardness back to phones. It’s all gone now. I am regretful of all the news and videos we made about this device. Who knows, maybe there will be a second version of this device with better technologies. Maybe Red will continue developing this device. This means that users didn’t adopt their concept. Volkswagen Golf 8 could support communication with surrounded cars with the same technology in 2020. I previously explained with IOT means. This means that cars can share information with each others and infrastructure. This allows cars to know what they will encounter by interchanging information between each others. VW created their own system which will enable their cars to communicate with each other so that blind spots won’t be a problem anymore. Also, if a car suddenly stopped, other cars that are even 1km away could know. This will minimize accidents. As long as it is about safety may Allah empower them. This reminds me of Radical. It is a system from Toyota. I’ve seen it in Japan. Cars will have off-the-shelf cameras These cameras will enable the car to study data. This allows Toyota to make a replica of certain cities using this system. Cars will communicate with each others on how and where drive using the 4th generation of autonomous cars. A new study suggests that sending a number of drones is better than sending only one drone for discovery. A company sent 8 drones to a huge building with lots of rooms in it. The company wanted to scan the building. Drones kept moving from a room to another and they could scan 80% of the building. These also could get lots of information about the building. A camera on one of the drones broken and the drone could get pictures, yet they scanned 80% of the building, which is a great thing. This experiment saved lots of time and gained lots of information. What’s the benefit of using a lot of drones? It could get lots of data in a short period of time. If you send 80 drones to a certain building, these drones will get full information of the building. It would also be scary to see 80 drones getting inside a building. Yet, you’ll get lots of data in short time unlike humans, who can’t do it as they might be distracted, whereas drones’ job is collect data. Drones could fly past us to collect data in the future. It would be terrifying. When asked if you walk slowly or fast, 56% said they walk fast. People who live in crowded cities or in the capital walk fast. 40% of you said they walk in a normal way. I believe those don’t walk a lot. But those who walk slowly, I hope they will walk fast as it slows aging and improves health. A new study conducted on 1600 people shows that saturated fat causes dementia, Alzheimer’s and memory loss. A study conducted on only 1600 people isn’t a huge study. This study, though, gives the researches the ability to expand it. The outcome of the research is excellent, nonetheless. Saturated fat that exists in fast food could cause brain damage and memory loss leading to dementia and memory problems. Always, you should be moderate with food, health, sports. May Allah grant us good health. By the way, in the previous episode, I talked about my diet and body shift, this is due to the program I followed, which is very simple. The result of the program was great. I am making a video about the diet, which will, hopefully, benefit lots of people. I’ve tried lots of diets, I find this one to be the most comfortable. It depends on numbers. I am great with numbers. Planting trees will bring a huge benefit to Earth. Planting 20,000 trees isn’t a simple job. It doesn’t mean only planting seeds using drones. It requires lots of information as to which weather and environments these plants could flourish. They you can say I planted a tree or helped greening the Earth. One of the Youtubers decided to plant 20 million trees as a way to celebrate his 20 million subscribers. Congratulations to him. I think it is a little bit exaggerating. I hope he could plant 20 millions tree, tough. Imagine how Earth would look like. Imagine a person’s initiative would result in planting 20 million trees. It would be a great thing. How could this happen? Only by following the instructions and spreading awareness. This is being applied in KSA. There are official programs for planting trees. You can also call the municipality and ask them to plant a tree in certain places. The municipality will then plant it for you for free. By doing this, you’d help greening the Earth. May we be able to fix this beautiful planet. This is the end of this episode. Planting 20 million trees is great goal. Hopefully, we’ll achieve it and more. Glory and praise be to Allah. I witness there is no God but Allah. I ask Allah for forgiveness and I repent to Him. See you later. Peace be upon you all.

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