обзор Barna Original ORIGINAL ANTI – быстрый антиспин для активной игры, тест 1.5 mm
обзор Barna Original ORIGINAL ANTI – быстрый антиспин для активной игры, тест 1.5 mm

I’ve tried Original Anti on sponge 1.5 mm. It’s a new antispin by Barna Original
on blade Materialspezialist Cubixx 100. The blade is All-. What may I say about this antispin? It’s not only antispin with grip,
it’s rather like half antispin. The sponge is not slow. The grip is low, like with
slow antispin with friction, but when slow antispin with friction
is on slow damping sponge, it almost doesn’t grip the ball. Here the sponge is quite
fast, not damping one. It’s really fast sponge, and due to
the sponge the friction increases. So the rubber plays like antipsin. It’s easy to play drive, quite fast one. There is different trajectory, unlike slow
friction antispin on damping sponge. The ball is more similar to pip-in rubber. But there is high tempo. It’s easy to attack due to high speed. Counterdrive is comfortable, fast and accurate. Blocks are controlling,
comfortable, similar to pips-in, but the ball returns with less spin,
though it’s more similar to pips-in. Still, the rubber is accurate and controlling. The returning spin is not heavy. it’s easy to attack. It’s comfortable to serve and
play fast false-loop against easy balls. The ball won’t spin, but if to serve
like loop, you may smash the ball. Defense with chop is controlling;
returning balls are fast, but no-spin. There are no returning
superheavy underspins, only weak chops or no-spin balls. Mostly no-spin balls. This rubber will suit defenders, who want
to return a lot accurately and quickly. So, it may be effective due
to high tempo and accuracy. Don’t expect superheavy underspin. Chops are quite fast, controlling and accurate, and due to the friction you may
add side arches both FH and BH. It’s quite unusual and interesting
rubber from new antispins with grip. Though it’s rather half antispin. It’ll suit those, who want the rubber
not to react to the spin, and at the same time
to be fast and accurate, and allow playing various movements, even false loops. I’ve played on 1.5 mm sponge. The rubber available also with thicker sponge: 1.8 and 2.0 mm. The speed there is higher and
attacking abilities are better. It’s Saturn. It’s hybrid, and there is not very high jump-off. The blade is All-. Now let’s try Original Anti.

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